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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Month: October 2020

Global warming is continuing to worsen, NASA data shows – World Economic Forum

August 2020 was about 2.14°C hotter than the average month recorded on Earth since 1880. As confirmed by NASA and NOAA, the months from February to April as well August 2020 were the second-warmest in history. These changes in global…

Searching for habitable exoplanets? Look for phosphorus

Scientists develop a new way to search for potentially habitable exoplanets by measuring the amount of phosphorus in their stars. Such planets should also have abundant phosphorus – necessary for life on Earth – increasing the chances for life.


LAW: Students grade big firms on climate efforts

The nation’s top law firms engaged in five times more legal transactions and lobbying efforts for the fossil fuel industry than for renewable energy companies, according to a coalition of law students who aim to turn up the heat on those offices for their representation of fossil fuel clients.


SCIENCE: Greenland nears fastest melt rate in 12,000 years

The vast Greenland ice sheet is melting at some of its fastest rates in the past 12,000 years. And it could quadruple over the next 80 years if greenhouse gas emissions don’t decline dramatically in the coming decades.