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Sir David Attenborough Slams Extinction Rebellion’s Tactics

extinction rebellion bloodbath

Sir David Attenborough has slammed Extinction Rebellion’s tactics for “disturbing innocent people” that are just living their lives.

He also said that the lobby group could “disenchant” the people they are trying to get on board with the fight against climate change.

The action group has organized several high-profile protests, including last year’s 10-day “autumn uprising” which saw major disruption and more than 1,700 arrests and more recently targeting printing presses.

Sir David told BBC Breakfast: “You have to be careful that you don’t break the law.

“We have to treat the people we share our community with, with respect.

“Disturbing their lives, to such an extent that innocent people can’t get about their own business, is a serious thing to do and could disenchant an awful lot of people.”

He added: “Of course I agree with their message, it’s a question of what is politic and sensible in persuading other people to join you?”

The broadcaster and naturalist said he had been warning about the environment for decades and “yet suddenly, in the last five years maybe, it’s as though people have woken up, it’s young people… and not before time.”

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