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Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Is A Repackaged Green New Deal


The media is tying itself in knots trying to assure the American people that Joe Biden is not on board with the radical socialists and communists that have taken over the Democratic Party.

They keep pointing at his near half-century record as a politician and screeching, “he’s a moderate!”

However, even a casual glance at his campaign website suggests that his agenda, should he win in November, is very radical indeed.

In fact, his “Build Back Better” slate of agenda items could have been (may have been?) written by socialists Bernie Sanders and/or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (archive link). They and others have already presented much of it…as the Green New Deal.

The page, entitled “Build Back Better: Joe Biden’s Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan for Working Families,” could be a chapter out of the Communist Manifesto.

That tired, old white supremacist capitalism is so tired and old. And white. What we need is a Green New Deal that has most Americans in some type of “good union job” or assigned to some government projects like the “Public Health Job Corps.”

Biden believes this is no time to just build back to the way things were before, with the old economy’s structural weaknesses and inequalities still in place. This is the moment to imagine and build a new American economy for our families and the next generation.

An economy where every American enjoys a fair return for their work and an equal chance to get ahead. An economy more vibrant and more powerful precisely because everybody will be cut in on the deal.

Biden then lists the four points of this completely unAmerican plan that puts the power and the voice in a central government that seeks to ensure everyone is “equal” and gets their “fair share.”

The plan recasts the American people as servants to the central government.

The Biden plan will mobilize the American people in service of four bold, national efforts to address four great national challenges.

See what they do there? They aren’t the public servants who are elected to represent us and to serve our best interests, we become the servants who serve their best interests.

Mobilize American manufacturing and innovation … he is releasing a plan today to build a strong industrial base and small-business-led supply chains to retain and create millions of good-paying union jobs in manufacturing and technology across the country.

Mobilize American ingenuity to build a modern infrastructure and an equitable, clean energy future. Biden will soon release updated proposals to meet the climate crisis, build a clean energy economy, address environmental injustice, and create millions of good-paying union jobs.

Mobilize American talent and heart to build a 21st century caregiving and education workforce … Joe Biden will soon announce a plan to make it far easier to afford child care and to ensure aging relatives and people with disabilities have better access to home and community-based care; to elevate the pay, benefits, and professional opportunities for caregivers and educators; to create millions of good-paying new jobs in these areas with a choice to join a union; and to free up millions of people to join the labor force and grow a stronger economy in return.

Mobilize across the board to advance racial equity in America … As President, he will pursue a dedicated agenda to close the racial wealth gap, to expand affordable housing, to invest in Black, Latino, and Native American entrepreneurs and communities, to advance policing and criminal justice reform, and to make real the promise of educational opportunity regardless of race or zip code.

All of these Green New Deal-based “mobilizations” of the American people in service to the state will be made possible, of course, by passing the “Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, providing public service and federal government workers with bargaining rights, and taking other steps to make it easier for workers to organize unions and collectively bargain.”

No, this is not Bernie and AOC on crack. This is the current Democrat nominee for president: Joe Biden. And he is no moderate, not anymore.

We see this equally clearly in his equally Soviet-style “plan” for rural America. In this plan, “rural America” effectively becomes the government’s agricultural and green energy tool, with the country split into “regional food systems” that are micro-managed by the federal government (archive link) in service of “all of America.”

Rural Americans fuel us and feed us. Rural lands provide us with places to spend time outdoors with friends and family and relax.

“Flyover” country is just a place to get produce and fuel (and yes, there’s a plan for that, too, and it includes “an inclusive and empowering All-of-Government approach“-archive link).

Oh, and “rural America” is also a fun place to visit when one feels a strange compulsion to be outdoors.

Basically, though, according to Team Biden, we need to make being servants to the state more attractive through collective bargaining.

The Biden Administration will partner with small and mid-sized farmers to help them collectively create supply chains to deliver fresh produce and other products to schools, hospitals, and other major state and federal institutions, including the Defense Department.

And it’s all going to be done with “net-zero carbon emissions.” Apparently, there will be no farting cows in Biden’s rural America.

Also, the Biden plan includes a renewed focus on ethanol and biofuels, so presumably, they have a regional zone all picked out for their production. Ditto a zone or zones for wind and solar, in which big (taxpayer- / worker-) investments are promised.

And, per the Green New Deal, the Biden plan promises to “rebuild America” brick by brick, building by building.

As president, Biden will make smart infrastructure investments to rebuild the nation and to ensure that our buildings, water, transportation, and energy infrastructure can meet America’s economic needs and withstand the impacts of climate change.

…And, it will build the roads to give farms and small town businesses access to markets and an efficient means to participate in the world economy.

Then, out of nowhere, Bernie’s tired pledge for government to provide broadband internet access to everyone rears its ugly commie head.

Actually, I’m pretty sure all of this is Bernie’s agenda. He lost, though, so I guess Democrats think they can unload this disastrous Green New Deal nightmare via clueless Biden.

I’m pretty sure he’s never read a word of this vile, unAmerican claptrap, or that if he did, he didn’t understand a word of it or even begin to comprehend its terrifying ramifications.

The media sure aren’t asking about any of this, but my guess is that President Trump will have plenty to say about it come the first presidential debate.

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