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This Man Learned Robotics on YouTube, Now He’s Creating Affordable 3D Prosthetics For Others—WATCH

As a kid, Easton LaChappelle was always fascinated by robotics and how things worked, leading him to take his passion and learn more about prosthetics engineering.

Credit: Easton LaCappelle

That’s when he turned to YouTube to experiment and master everything from the core fundamentals of electronics to software interfaces and reading sensors.

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Eventually, 25-year-old Easton used his newfound skills and created a working device, making it all the way to the White House Science Fair with then-President Obama.

During his science fair days, Colorado’s Easton encountered a young girl with a prosthetic arm that looked “archaic” and cost about $80,000. He remembers thinking, is “this really her best available option?”

He tells GNN, “That’s when I decided to dedicate my life to solving the affordability of prosthetic devices and creating technology that can impact someone’s life on a deep level.

There are over 40 million amputees worldwide, and only about 5% of them have access to prosthetic devices. It was just not acceptable to me and I wanted to do something about it.”

After developing a working prototype, Easton founded a company, Unlimited Tomorrow, which makes low-cost, machine-printed prosthetic limbs.

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In under 30 days, the company was able to raise $1.568M to release its first product and provide millions of prosthetic devices to people worldwide at an affordable cost.

“We make a product called TrueLimb,” says Easton, “an affordable, 3D-printed prosthetic limb that uses a special remote-fitting process that is personalized to your skin tone, shape, and size for the perfect fit.”

“Because of YouTube,” he tells GNN, “I was able to turn my passion into a business that is having a positive impact on people’s lives.”

(WATCH Easton’s amazing story below).

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