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Thomas Straus: Denney cares about global warming, climate change – The Union of Grass Valley

Voters who have already registered to vote by mail need not worry about standing in long lines, the result of precautions to avoid COVID for both the voter and those involved in the physical voting process.

Both in 2018 and 2020, Audrey Denney has clearly stated her platform. However, late in the 2018 campaign an “alternate platform” purporting to be Ms. Denney’s appeared. It was in fact a forgery mailed to voters by Doug LaMalfa’s campaign. Photos on Ms. Denney’s website show how it was done. We will do better in 2020 if those not even yet registered to vote, get registered.

I urge all eligible voters to get registered. For Nevada County residents, call 530-265-1298 (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday). Voting by mail is easy as pie, and it costs nothing. Do it now rather than in the last month when the election office is inundated with last-minute documents. Those from other counties can register at

One, of many reasons, I wish Ms. Denney to win is the LaMalfa’s voting record relative to global warming. He is among the relatively few who still deny the truth. The Union of Concerned Scientists are expert in this field. I, as a non-expert PhD scientist, do understand their measured data and note predictions these past 15 years have been high accurate. Excess carbon dioxide results in manmade global warming! A key question is when might a curved section of the South Pole ice shelf, the size of California, presently above water level and supports at its edges by islets, collapse into the water? Think of how much water rises when you settle into your bathtub.

Unlike the yearly rise in water level of a few inches, caused by melting glaciers and expansion of sea water due to global warming, the South Pole disaster would be measured in feet of worldwide water rise. A disaster because most of the world’s major cities are ocean ports unable to be protected from the immense damage that would occur.

Presently there are millions of refugees from South and Central America and from the Middle East attempting to flood into North America and Europe to escape severe droughts and famine. There may be billions of refugees from the damage caused by a South Pole disaster! At my present age of 89, I may be long since dead before that happens. But not so my grand- and great-grandchildren.

How many of you potential voters are prepared to risk a world of billions of refugees for your offspring if its only takes a vote for long-term cheap renewable energy in the form of wind and solar to get our congressional district represented by the right congresswoman?

Thomas Straus lives in Nevada County.