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Gallup Poll: Most Americans Rank Climate Change As Least Important Issue

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A plurality of Americans considers the Chinese coronavirus the most important problem facing the country, while climate change — an issue central to the Democrat Party’s agenda — remains among the lowest in importance, garnering just one percent, a Gallup survey released this week found.

The Gallup poll, taken July 1-23, among U.S. 1,007 adults, asked respondents, “What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?”

A plurality, or 30 percent, chose “coronavirus/diseases” as the most important problem, followed by “the government/poor leadership” (23 percent), race relations/racism (16 percent), “unifying the country” (six percent), and “crime/violence” (five percent).

Nine percent of respondents chose economic problems, which included the economy “in general,” unemployment, and the wealth gap.

Notably, “climate change/environment/pollution” — green issues central to the progressive agenda and embraced by Joe Biden — came at the very bottom of the list, garnering just one percent support.

Elections/election reform, poverty/hunger/homelessness, national security, education, and immigration also garnered just one percent support each.

While a plurality considers the novel virus as the most important problem facing the nation, it represents a 15-point drop from the 45 percent who identified it as the central issue in April.

However, just 20 percent of those surveyed May 28-Jun 4 identified the coronavirus as the nation’s main issue, with concerns over the government and poor leadership edging the virus out by one percentage point.

Race relations/racism followed closely behind, garnering 19 percent.

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