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New Climate Report: Meat, Livestock Have Little Climate Impact


American ranchers and U.S. meat consumption have virtually no impact on greenhouse gas emissions or climate, reports a compelling new climate summary.

The new climate summary, “Climate at a Glance: Livestock and Methane,” documents that cattle and beef account for just 2% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

All livestock combined account for less than 4% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate activists, many of whom are vegans for other reasons, often claim that ranchers, livestock, and meat production are a leading cause of rising greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Yet, EPA data show crop production accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than total livestock production.

The Climate at a Glance portal provides more than two dozen concise, compelling summaries of topics related to climate change.

Bullet-points at the top of each summary provide an easily understandable summary of the topic.

A Short Summary section under the bullet-points provides a concise, supporting explanation with links to scientific evidence.

Most summaries also include a compelling visual graphic.

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