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Monkeys DIVE Into Pool For Fun | Primates | BBC Earth

A pool is the perfect place for these macaques to cool off on a hot day in Kathmandu, Nepal. But these cheeky monkeys don’t play by the rules!

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Extra content from Primates
Monkeys, lemurs, lorises, bush babies and, of course, the great apes. Countless faces, one remarkable animal family. Engrossing new stories combine family drama with the latest science. On Congo’s volcanic slopes, we meet an apparently fearsome silverback mountain gorilla, who turns out to be a gentle and attentive father to his young. Cutting-edge research indicates that caring fathers are the most successful silverbacks. In South Africa, we join an elusive and diminutive lesser bush baby from a newly discovered urban population, on a night-time raid of the city zoo. In Malaysia, we experience a Lar Gibbons’ canopy world from their perspective, in a filming first. From snow-capped mountains to the hottest deserts, and from the most remote, unexplored landscapes to the very heart of our modern world, Primates is the ultimate, definitive celebration of our very own animal family.

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