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Month: March 2020

One species to four: New analysis documents new bird diversity in the Pacific

(University of Maryland Baltimore County) New findings from UMBC researchers and colleagues suggest several island bird populations in the Pacific that were previously designated as a single species actually comprise up to four distinct species. The results upend understanding of the islands’ robin populations, which have been used as a textbook example of evolution since the 1940s. The new findings have important implications for conservation, as some of the newly-designated species live only on a few isolated islands.

The impact of energy development on bird populations

(Wiley) The greater sage-grouse is an iconic bird that lives in the western United States, and its populations are in decline. A new study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management reveals that energy development has negative impacts on sage-grouse reproduction.

How communication about environmental issues can bridge the political divide

(Ohio State University) A relatively new theory that identifies universal concerns underlying human judgment could be key to helping people with opposing views on an issue coax each other to a different way of thinking, new research suggests.

World-first system forecasts warming of lakes globally

(UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology ) Pioneering research led by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) has devised the first system that classifies lakes globally, placing each of them in one of nine ‘thermal regions.’ This will enable scientists to better predict future warming of the world’s lakes due to climate change, and the potential threat to cold-water species such as salmon and trout.

News Corp finds someone to blame after pulling the plug on AAP (hint: it’s not News Corp) | Weekly Beast

The demise of AAP has unexpectedly ignited a war of words between media companies over who is to blame. According to News Corp – one of the major shareholders who actually took the decision to close AAP – the shuttering…

Paper That Blames The Sun For Climate Change Was Just Retracted From Major Journal – ScienceAlert

A paper published last year that claimed global warming was all to do with the Sun has been retracted. Nature Publishing Group-owned Scientific Reports has found that the paper’s conclusion was based on a flawed assumption. The decision comes after…

Tropical Forests, a Key Weapon Against Global Warming, Are Losing Their Ability to Absorb Carbon Dioxide, Research Shows – The Weather Channel

Trees absorb carbon dioxide, the main contributor to global warming. Carbon absorption from tropical forests peaked in the 1990s. Researchers predict the forests could become a source of carbon dioxide by the next decade. Tropical forests in the Amazon and…

‘Believing Climate Science’ Doesn’t Justify Most Eco-Policies

There’s an assumption out there that if you “accept” the science of climate change, you are obliged to support drastic measures to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is not true. The one does not follow from the other. Mainstream…