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Coronavirus/Global Warming

To the Editor:

My last letter to editor “Serious Talk on Global Warming” stated many things that needed to happen to combat global warming. See items 1 thru 11 in that letter. They were things that we would never do. Little did I /we ever imagine that Coronavirus would come along and force us to do some of these items.

Did Coronavirus come to help us in our battle with global warming? Let us review some of the items I stated in my article. Item 1: Are you willing to give up that airplane trip down south for the winter? In the news are many flights being cancelled. Items 2, 3 and 4 basically dealt with tourism and giving it up. Well that is happening due to the Coronavirus scare. Item 6: Are you willing to have less presidential campaigning? The carbon footprint on this is tremendous. I bet you would. In the news that has certainly happened.

Item #8: The sports industry on TV has a tremendous carbon footprint, but a lot of us wouldn’t give up Sunday football. Well because it is spring it’s not football but all the other spring sports events. It might be by bye March madness, baseball, hockey, soccer, other championship finals. Then the real killer item 11: cutting down our population by 20%. Imagine if Coronavirus killed 20% of the population. No official is going to say that they expect 20% of the world population is going to die from this. Can you imagine the hysteria if someone predicted this.

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