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Month: February 2020


‘The worst thing is the waiting’: flood-hit communities tell of stress

Flooding not only wrecks businesses, destroys homes and disrupts everyday life but also causes long-lasting and dangerous levels of stress, residents from flood-hit communities have said. Hundreds of homes have been flooded and six people are thought to have died…

Arctic Ocean February 2020

The above forecast for February 20, 2020, shows surface temperature anomalies reaching both ends of the scale over North America, while the Arctic is 3°C or 5.4°F warmer than 1979-2000. On February 18, 2020, the Arctic was as much as…


CAMPAIGN 2020: ‘That’s my law.’ 2 climate hawks fight over Senate seat

Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Joe Kennedy mostly agree on matters of policy, so last night’s Massachusetts Senate primary debate instead centered on who would be a better political voice for the state on climate change and other progressive issues.


ADAPTATION: ‘White racial privilege’ a factor in home buyouts — study

Government buyouts of flood-damaged homes disproportionately benefit whiter, wealthier communities, even as low-income and minority homeowners are more likely to participate in such programs, according to new research from Rice University.

Happy birthday, Nicolaus Copernicus

In 1543, Copernicus tried to show the world that medieval beliefs of an enclosed, Earth-centered universe were wrong. Instead, he said, Earth revolves around the sun. His work set off what’s known today as the Copernican Revolution.