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ABC Reporter Lectures Americans On Climate Change From Africa

gma abc victoria falls africa

gma abc victoria falls africa

Reporting live from Victoria Falls in central Africa for Wednesday’s Good Morning America, ABC’s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee used the spectacular location to lecture American viewers about climate change.

It was all part of the network’s new Extraordinary Earth series leading up to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April.

Standing alongside National Geographic photographer Nichole Sobecki, with the falls in the background, Zee proclaimed: “…we’ve been talking and I know that the U.S. and China, China being number one, U.S. number two right now, are the biggest carbon emitters.”

Sobecki then brushed China aside and hyped America as the real culprit:

Right now, the U.S. and China are the largest emitters. But we have to remember that the historic record for carbon emissions is held by the U.S. Throughout history we have put more carbon into the atmosphere than any other country.

And you have to realize that we’re 4% of the population and we’re responsible for somewhere between a quarter to a third of all global carbon emissions.

Zee uttered “wow” in response, explaining moments later: “And carbon emissions being related to climate change.” Sobecki confirmed: “That’s what’s warming our planet.”

Sobecki pleaded: “You know, climate change doesn’t have borders. You know, if we’re going to move forward and we’re going to adapt to the challenges to come and those already underway through climate change, we have to do that together….collectively to help take care of our planet.”

“I edge on fear sometimes,” Zee admitted regarding climate change, but she declared that “this has made me very hopeful, hopeful that there are people doing the right thing.”

As evidence of that hope, she hailed: “There are parts of Africa, you were telling me, where plastic bags have been banned and you even get fined. So I feel like there are things we can do to clean this planet up and I know people are doing them. We just have to start.”

Sobecki concluded: “We can do a lot better, and we need to.”

Apparently this is the kind of liberal scolding GMA viewers can look forward to over the next two months.

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