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Letter: Lawmakers must address global warming’s effects – Buffalo News

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed on a recent Friday evening that at least six tornadoes touched down during last week’s historic winter thunderstorm event in Maryland and Virginia. Five were in the local Washington area.

While one in this area is remarkable in itself, five is devastating and a testament that we need to do more about global warming, the primary cause in our local climate.

By we I mean the global community including Russia, China, India, Korea and others whose efforts thus far have been abysmal.

There is more that we can do as well.

Other countries have adopted high-speed rail in lieu of air transport for shorter hops that are inefficient for aircraft.

Trains can carry more people in comfort and when you factor in wait times at check in, security screening, baggage check etc., train travel at high speeds does not seem as much hassle and costs less in time and money in the long run.

It is not just the tornados in the D.C. area that brings this home. Globally we have seen extensive drought, wildfires Hurricanes of greater intensity, rising waters, all of which point to one thing – rising temperatures from the greenhouse effect.

Our Congressional representatives wasted valuable time over a political fight for power when they could have focused that time and effort on matters of greater importance like global warming. It is not your backyard barbecue or lawn mower that is the issue folks.

It is trucks and buses not regulated as strictly as private autos, jet aircraft on short hops and those dumping raw fuel over populated areas, it is foreign manufacturers who are more concerned with profits and undermining our economy that are the real culprits.

We may lead the way as a nation but there is much more than can be done and our legislators failed to act. Now it is up to us to make this

known at election time – I know I will.

Charles Carter