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Arctic Sea Ice Sees ‘Dramatic Recovery And Expansion’, N. Europe Cooling

arctic snow cover

Northern Europe and the Arctic show signs of winter cooling over the past decades. Could the global warming theory be in for an upset?

Looking at January data over northern Europe, we see no real warming trend for the month, according to data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

When plotting mean January temperatures for Norway for stations where data are available since 1988, we see that 7 of 11 stations show a cooling trend since 1988, despite rising CO2:

Data: JMA

January cooling in Finland

The story is the same in Finland, a country that stretches into the Arctic:

All stations with data going back to 1988 show a cooling trend in Finland for the month of January. Data: JMA

Ireland cooling more than warming

In Ireland, situated in the North Atlantic, we also see signs of cooling midwinters. Warming has been AWOL for some time now:

In Ireland 4 of 6 stations with data going back to 1988 show a cooling trend for the month of January. Data: JMA

Arctic sea ice rebound

Next, we move to the Arctic. This year’s winter is seeing an impressive rebound in sea ice, tweets meteorologist Chris Martz, reaching the 3rd highest level in 15 years:

“Dramatic recovery” for Arctic sea ice

Obviously the situation in the Arctic is nowhere as dire as alarmists like to deceive others into thinking.

According to meteorologist Justin Berk here, “Arctic Sea Ice has made a dramatic recovery and expansion this winter.”

Image: National Snow and Ice Data Center

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin

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