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Month: February 2020

Spider Web Building Time-lapse | BBC Earth

We filmed a garden orb web spider building their amazing spider web in this time lapse as well as slow motion footage as they capture their first prey with it! Subscribe: [#timelapse #slowmotion #spider] Watch more:Planet Earth Planet…

Water in the shadows of boulders on Mars?

A new study from the Planetary Research Institute suggests that briny water could temporarily form on Mars’ surface in the shadows of boulders for just a few days each Martian year.

VLT sees surface of dim Betelgeuse

The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope is in northern Chile. Astronomers used it to capture the unprecedented dimming of Betelgeuse, a red supergiant star in the constellation of Orion. The new images show how the apparent shape of this star is changing.

Why are so few infants getting sick from coronavirus?

Usually, it’s infants, individuals in old age, and immune-compromised people that are most vulnerable to new diseases. The coronavirus is no different, with one exception. For some mysterious reason, infants aren’t getting sick, and scientists are at a loss to…

Experience #vanlife on the cheap with a minivan

If you search the hashtag “vanlife” on Instagram, you’ll see that it’s used more than 6.5 million times — and that number just keeps clicking up. As someone who followed various vanlifers for years, it seemed like a big commitment…

A climate of uncertainty: pro cycling in a warming world | Adam Phelan

A graveyard of trees fixes into focus on the screen. The television footage zooms in on their burnt skeletons, thin and black. Dark ash is spread beneath their leafless arms. The camera then catches the peloton, a kaleidoscope of colour…

Watch: Antifa, Extinction Rebellion Violently Clash With Police At Climate Strike

At least three activists were arrested by police in London during the annual “Climate Strike.” Student climate change activists, Extinction Rebellion and Antifa took to the streets of London on Friday, joining “Climate Strike” protests across the world, shouting slogans…