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Eye-Popping Video Exposes Brazen Junk Science By Federal Climate Program

post-glacial sea level rise

post-glacial sea level rise

So is the federal government a disinterested player in the debate on climate science? Not based on an impressive video that outlines some of the shenanigans of government agencies that supposedly watch the matter.

Composed of 13 federal agencies that conduct research on global changes that impact society, the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) is a federal project that issues periodic reports about the climate in the United States.

In 1989, the year it was established, USGCRP was mandated by Congress to coordinate federal research related to the human and natural forces that affect the global environment.

Billed as the leading federal authority on global warming science, USGCRP and its affiliated agencies are tasked with educating a trusting public about Earth’s ever-changing climate.

The program’s periodic reports are referred to as national climate assessments, which are eagerly parroted in western media as part of an ongoing conspiracy to frighten uninformed voters to support massive carbon energy taxes that would radically alter the lifestyle of all but the wealthiest Americans.  

Since its inception, USGCRP’s climate assessments have been, to the best of my knowledge, overwhelmingly pessimistic.

The National Climate Assessment released in November 2018 is typically dire: “The impacts of climate change, including powerful storms, droughts, and wildfires, are worsening in the United States.”

Most Americans would be shocked to know that USGCRP’s climate assessments are little more than brazen environmental propaganda, and what follows is convincing proof of that contention.

Tony Heller, who runs the website, exposes malicious data manipulation by USGCRP and other government entities.

A lifelong environmentalist who has used a bicycle for all of his local travel over the last 40 years, Heller holds a BS in Geology (Arizona State University) and a Masters in Electrical Engineering (Rice University).

As part of his efforts to put the glare of bright light on junk climate science, Heller produced an absolutely devastating video that lays bare the fraudulent presentation of climate data by the U.S. Global Change Research Program.

How so?  To produce its frightening assessments, USGCRP cherry-picks the starting point of climate graphs to give a false impression that hot days, wildfires, sea-level rise, and other climate indicators are undergoing cataclysmic negative changes, when just the opposite is true, as Heller’s video clearly shows.

To most everyone except the scientists who create them, climate graphs can cause the human brain to spasm. Heller’s video has several such graphs, so follow his presentation closely, and if necessary watch it more than once.

I guarantee it will be the best thing you’re likely to see in understanding how the American public is being played for fools by USGCRP’s national climate assessments, and the corrupt western media that breathlessly report them as gospel.

You can help expose the federal government’s role in disseminating climate propaganda by sharing Heller’s video far and wide.

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