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Month: January 2020

Sick! Quebec Politico Praises Coronavirus For Reducing Wuhan’s CO2 Footprint

Quebec politician and radio talk show host Luc Ferrandez has suggested that the coronavirus has had one “positive” outcome for the city of Wuhan, China—it’s reduced their carbon footprint. On Saturday, he tweeted: “Wuhan. No automobile traffic. No air flights….

New Jersey to Become First State to Make Builders Consider Climate Change

New Jersey will become the first state to require that builders take into account the impact of climate change, including rising sea levels, in order to win government approval for projects, Gov. Philip D. Murphy plans to announce on Monday….

Another Obama Solar Company Burns Out, Massive Ponzi Scheme

Another Obama solar initiative bites the dust, but not until after stealing millions from individuals, companies and the US government. This solar project turned into the largest Ponzi scheme in Eastern California history. It was reported this week that the…

Is there a 2nd planet orbiting Proxima Centauri?

Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, may have a second planet, according to researchers from the National Institute of Astrophysics. If confirmed, it would be an ideal candidate for direct imaging by new upcoming space telescopes.

‘Blob’ research shows ecological effects that halted fishing and hiked whale entanglements

(NOAA Fisheries West Coast Region) An ecological pileup of unprecedented changes in the ocean off the West Coast beginning about 2014 led to record entanglements of humpback and other whales, putting the region’s most valuable commercial fishery at risk, new research shows.

10 Worst Things About Owning A Tesla Model 3

Last night I wrote an article “10 Best Things About Owning A Tesla Model 3.” I’m in the media, so I have to be sure to engage in false balance from time to time. So, in response to the article above, here’s a piece on the 10 worst things about owning a Tesla Model

Mercedes & Geely Launch JV For smart Cars

smart Vision EQ ConceptChinese carmaker Geely has added another brand to its ever-growing portfolio. The company, which currently owns Volvo, Lotus Cars, and Lynk & Co., recently launched a joint venture with Mercedes-Benz’ parent company, Daimler, to co-develop and produce the next generation of autonomous electric city “smart” cars based on the smart Vision EQ concept shown here

When Historic Preservation Hurts Cities

I live in a historic neighborhood in the heart of Washington, D.C. It’s not historic in the sense that anything especially important happened here — certainly not in the modest rowhouses that make up the bulk of the neighborhood. What…