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Month: December 2019

School Bans Kids From Sending Christmas Cards Over Climate

A primary school headteacher has been branded a “grinch” after banning pupils from sending Christmas cards. Jonathan Mason, head of Belton Lane Primary School in Grantham, Lincolnshire, said the tradition was bad for the environment. However, parents said the move…

Ex-Trump Official: WH Aides Too ‘Nervous’ To Dispute ‘Climate Crisis’ Claims

President Trump wants to bring back “rationality” to federal climate policies, but many of his White House advisers are “nervous” about the political and media fallout, according to a former Trump official. Princeton physicist Will Happer, who recently returned to…

A 2.9-Megawatt Solar Project For 10 Schools & 24% Of Richmond Public Schools’ Electricity Needs

Rooftop Solar Power Richmond Public Schools VirginiaStandard Solar, Inc. is now supporting Richmond Public Schools with a 2.9-megawatt solar project that should be completed this year. Solar arrays were installed at 10 elementary and high schools throughout the Richmond, Virginia, and Dominion Energy service area

This holiday light display brought to you by an electric eel named Miguel Wattson

[embedded content] If you happen to enjoy the festive light display at the Tennessee Aquarium over the holidays, you can thank a certain electric eel for it. Although the eel in question probably doesn’t care either way. Miguel Wattson is…

Astronomers catch a comet outburst

Remember comet 46P/Wirtanen? It was a bright comet about this time last year. Around the time it swept near the Earth and sun, the comet entered the field of view NASA’s TESS planet-hunter. And boom! It underwent an outburst, caught by TESS.

More Airlines Are Offering Carbon Offsets, But Is It A Real Solution?

As pressure mounts on the aviation industry to create more sustainable ways to do business, EasyJet has become the latest airline to pledge to fly carbon neutral. As concerns rise within the industry that people will stop flying in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, a host of airlines including British Airlines, Air Canada, and Air New Zealand, are now offering carbon offsets as a way to combat the emissions their domestic flights are creating. 

Orion’s Belt and the Celestial Bridge

To the Aymara – indigenous people in the Andes and Altiplano regions of South America – the famous sky feature we know as Orion’s Belt is seen as a Celestial Bridge between the sky’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

This white dwarf star has a giant, evaporating planet

White dwarf stars are typically more or less Earth-sized. The planet orbiting white dwarf WDJ0914+1914 appears to be at least twice as big as its star! High intensity radiation from its star is causing this planet to evaporate. Will the same thing happen in our solar system someday?

Maldives applies for crime of ecocide to be added to International Criminal Court jurisdiction

The Maldives has applied to the International Criminal Court at The Hague for the crime of ecocide to be added to it’s jurisdiction. This comes as negotiators meet at the UN Climate Conference in Madrid Spain at COP25. Read more…