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Climate Loons Finally Come Out As A Religious Cult

mazie hirono prayer breakfast

For years, those of us who don’t buy into the Chicken Little predictions of the climate alarmists have been accusing them of being a religious doomsday cult.

It would appear that they are finally agreeing:

Well, it’s not really science, as the tweet says. OK, the part about observing what is happening on the planet at the moment may involve some scientists doing relatively scientific things, but that’s where it ends.

The rest of it — the nonsense that they use to terrify impressionable youth — is nothing but soothsaying.

Treacher covered Hirono’s remark in detail, bringing up a couple of great points:

If climate change is science, where does belief enter into it? If it’s science, why treat it like a religion?

Maybe this wouldn’t be such a divided country if skeptics weren’t treated like heretics.

All the trappings of religion do seem to be in place. As we discussed in yesterday’s Briefing, they are polytheistic, always creating new gods.

We’re all heretics because they — like all cultists — are zealots.

Climate Church theology is the only religion taught in American public schools. The proselytizing is working.

The indoctrination mills are spewing out kids who are in the throes of despair because they’ve been taught that their futures will be full of pointless misery, all because their parents used the wrong kind of lightbulbs.

If the Climate Church succeeds in seizing all the government power that it lusts after and establishing its New Global Order, the Ayatollahs in Iran may end up seeming like some of the most cheerful and lenient world leaders.

Let’s all go buy old trucks and drive them a lot.

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