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World’s Largest Holocaust Archive is Now Making Their Records Available to Everyone on the Internet

For years, the Arolsen Archives has collected and housed more than 30 million documents on the people who fell victim to Nazi persecution during WWII—and they are now available to the public for free.

The Arolsen Archives, which is the world’s largest archive on Holocaust victims, recently partnered with in order to digitize and publish all of their records on the internet.

The documents include everything from passenger lists of displaced persons; registers of people living in Germany who were persecuted by public institutions and corporations; and even burial information for the deceased.

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All of the records are now viewable on the Ancestry website so that they can be preserved and made available for future generations.

“It is more important than ever to show what can happen if these values about solidarity, about equality, about respect are not upheld,” Arolsen Archive Director Floriane Azoulay told Great Big Story.

(WATCH the Great Big Story video below) – Photo by Great Big Story

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