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Google Spends Millions on Climate Denial

Google has devoured petabytes of data, knows where everyone is all the time, who they talk to, and what they spend their money on.  It dominates advertising and is raking in profits at a record pace.  And now we find out the company that once wanted to do only good is a major contributor to organizations like the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has aggressively pursued the rollback of Obama-era environmental protections and helped convince Donald Trump to abandon the Paris Agreement.

And who is behind the CEI?  DeSmogBlog has the details.  “The Competitive Enterprise Institute was founded in 1984 and describes itself as ‘a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty.’”  Do those words sound familiar to you?  They should.  They are the guiding principles of Charles Koch, who has profited handsomely from government regulation while steadfastly campaigning — in secret — to destroy all government regulations.

It is headed by Myron Ebell, notorious for his vituperative attacks on anyone who dares suggest an overheating planet is the result of human activity.  Called “one of America’s most prominent climate-change skeptics” by the Financial Times, he served as the head of the alleged president’s transition team in charge of selecting people to run the EPA.  America can thank Ebell for the loathsome Scott Pruitt and his equally loathsome successor, Andrew Wheeler.

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