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Queen Ants Forge an Empire | Empire Of The Desert Ants | BBC Earth

Only by joining forces can the Queen lay groundwork for total dominion. She forms a coalition with other nearby Queens, cementing herself at the seat of an impending superpower

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Natural World: Empire Of The Desert Ants
Against the Chiricahua Mountains of southern Arizona, Empire of the Desert Ants takes an in-your-face look at the violent world of desert honey ants by charting the fate of a single colony over several years as they battle all-comers for survival and dominance over the small patch of desert that is their world. Both the big picture and every minute detail are captured in this dramatic and fascinating film using the latest camera techniques and visual effects. Macro-photography shows the heart of their epic confrontations and the very core of life in the honey ant colony. Battle plans, defensive strategies and ‘team’ tactics are presented using the latest battlefield technologies. Also revealed are parallel worlds dominated by hidden forces – chemical weaponry, ultra-sonic sound, pheromones, ultra-violet and polarised light – as well as detailed characterisations of the different members of the colony.

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