Massive winter storm heads for the Plains

Colorado got smacked with a heavy hint of winter this week as temperatures dropped 74 degrees in two days and parts of the state received as much as nine inches of snow. While sunshine and milder temperatures are forecast for the weekend, a winter storm continues to move through the Great Plains.

A “potentially record-setting blizzard” is heading for the area, and that could mean snow from Colorado to Minnesota, according to The Weather Channel. Dubbed Winter Storm Aubrey, the snowstorm is expected to hit especially hard in the Dakotas, where a blizzard could leave more than a foot of snow.

Residents are being warned that strong winds and heavy, wet snow could lead to tree damage and power outages. Those in the path of the storm have been asked to limit travel to emergencies only.

The National Weather Service in Bismarck, North Dakota, is referring to Aubrey as a “potentially historic October winter storm.”

“I think, obviously, the magnitude of it, and it being the first storm of the season,” Patrick Ayd, a meteorologist at the Bismarck NWS office, told the Grand Forks Herald. “It’s so early in the season. Normally we get to ease into things.”

But the Dakotas and Colorado aren’t the other states impacted. So far, about 2 feet of snow has been reported in Pony, Montana. The forecast also calls for snow into Michigan and Minnesota.

Freeze watches have been posted as far south as Texas and Oklahoma, including Oklahoma City and Wichita Falls, Texas, according to USA Today.

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Massive winter storm heads for the Plains

Record-setting blizzard called Winter Storm Aubrey is expected to hit the midsection of the U.S., from Colorado to Minnesota.


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