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AOC Unfazed As Town Hall Attendee Says ‘We Need To Eat The Babies’ To Save Climate

aoc town hall eat babies

aoc town hall eat babies

There’s little doubt among the many cooler skeptic heads that the global climate change movement has gone off the rails in terms of sanity, and continues to do so in a spectacular fashion.

The madness has arrived.

The latest example is presented to us by Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire. One of AOC’s constituents hysterically claims that eating humans, as suggested by one Swedish professor, isn’t going to cut it when it comes to rescuing the planet.

Her solution:

“We need to eat the babies!”

First, if I were a policeperson, I’d certainly look to see if that insane woman might be missing any kids, or if her neighbors are missing any – seriously. If not, that poor woman needs psychiatric care very quickly.

One thing we note when we scan the faces in the crowd is that they don’t show even an inkling of happiness at all. They are all frozen in depression, frustration and anger.

If you’re in a good, happy mood, then standing less than 30 seconds in that room will change that. The hysterical woman shows that things are progressing from depression and anger to insanity.

How can people allow themselves to be talked into depression, and later a level of insanity put on display by Ms. Baby-Eater?

It shouldn’t surprise us that when people like Greta and the lunatic media spread all the panic and fan the flames of irrationality, it’s just a question of time before those already on the fringes start falling off the deep end and potentially become a real danger.

Ms. Baby-Eater herself likely used to be one of those depressed, angry faces in the crowd. Then enter Greta and the media.

It’s also astonishing that AOC fields the question and comment as if it were a legitimate one. She should have simply just called the woman’s rant for what it was: utter lunacy. But then again, we live in times where very-late term abortions are okay!

I suspect this is just the beginning. Never underestimate the potential of human insanity, especially when it’s claimed to be backed by “science”. History is filled with such monumental tragedies.

It’s time to take the kooks out of the solution-making and handing that responsibility over to cooler heads.

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