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Month: September 2019

Scientists find biology’s optimal ‘molecular alphabet’ may be preordained

(Tokyo Institute of Technology) Life uses 20 coded amino acids (CAAs) to construct proteins. This set was likely evolutionarily ‘standardized’ from smaller sets as organisms discovered how to make and encode them. Scientists modeled how the adaptive properties of the CAAs evolved over time. They found that sets containing even only a few CAAs were better than an enormous choice of alternatives, suggesting each time a modern CAA was discovered, it bootstrapped the set to include still more CAAs.

Tides don’t always flush water out to sea, study shows

(University of Washington) In Willapa Bay in Washington state, scientists discovered that water washing over tidal flats during high tides is largely the same water that washed over them during the previous high tide. This ‘old’ water has not been mixed with ‘new’ water and has lower levels of food for creatures in the bay. Oysters grown on flats where ‘old’ water stays longer showed a 25% drop in dry tissue weight per shell height.

Promising mobile technologies find methane leaks quickly, Stanford/EDF study finds

(Stanford University) Finding natural gas leaks more quickly and at lower cost could reduce methane emissions. Ten promising technologies mounted on drones, trucks and airplanes were tested last year. The results are in.


Acute periodontal disease bacteria love colon and dirt microbes

Mythbuster: The idea that bacterial collaborations within microbiomes, like in the mouth, have evolved to be generous and exclusive very much appears to be wrong. In an extensive experiment, lavish collaborations ensued between random microbes. And some bacteria from the same microbiome were stingy with one another.

The Auto Rule Rollback That Nobody Wants, Except Trump

Auto companies prize certainty in how the government regulates them because of the long timelines involved in designing and manufacturing cars and trucks. Now the Trump administration has upended that certainty by going to extraordinary lengths to roll back Obama-era…

14 glimpses of nature from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest

From a napping seal and a bandit raccoon to a curious whale and a misplaced cocoon, nature provides some gorgeous photo opportunities. For 55 years, photographers have showcased their work in the Natural History Museum, London’s Wildlife Photographer of the…


Birds string together meaningless sounds to make ‘words’

A new study sheds light on whether animal vocalizations, like human words, are constructed from smaller building blocks. By analyzing calls of the Australian chestnut-crowned babbler, the researchers have for the first time identified the meaning-generating building blocks of a non-human communication system.

The Global Climate Strike Is Coming: Be Prepared

The Global Climate Strike is an orchestrated political power grab based on deploying and using children. For this ‘strike’ to work, the alarmists continue their efforts to seize political power by pressuring “adults” to join the children. As such, between…

NBC Announces New ‘Climate Unit’ And ‘Climate In Crisis’ Series

Ahead of MSNBC’s climate change forum with several 2020 Democratic candidates on September 19 and 20, on Monday, NBC News announced it will be creating a new “climate unit” of reporters devoted to pushing the liberal environmental agenda and even…

How to make a snuffle mat

Dogs love to use their noses. They’re always sniffing for dropped table scraps or checking out which dogs have visited the front yard. And dogs have amazing noses. To help them pick up scents, they have about 300 million olfactory…