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Global Climate Strike: City-by-city crowd estimate – Quartz

On Sept. 20, the world likely saw its biggest single-day climate protest in history.

Organizers of the climate strikes estimate that some 4 million people turned up to 6,000 events held in more than 1,000 cities across 185 countries. Quartz attempted its own partial count of the protestors, relying on local sources, and was able to tally at least 1 million people in attendance.

Either figure would eclipse prior protests over climate change, including the People’s Climate March in 2014, which had an estimated 600,000 protestors and the school climate strikes in March this year, which had an estimated 1.4 million in attendance.

As my colleague Michael Coren describes the protests that occurred on Friday:

Organizers of the rallies said their goal is to secure a future for a generation that sees it slipping away. For millions, especially those in the path of extreme weather, global warming is quite literally a matter of life and death. For many others, it is also a matter of what kind of world they and their children will inherit.

Quartz has compiled information from multiple sources to create the most up-to-date crowd estimate. It’s worth noting that, while some of these estimates come from independent sources, most come from organizers themselves. Independent sources may provide different numbers for those rallies.

Below are the crowd sizes we found at climate strikes in 64 cities. You can find the source for each estimate in this spreadsheet.

City Country Crowd
New York US 300,000
Berlin Germany 270,000
London UK 100,000
Melbourne Australia 100,000
Sydney Australia 90,000
Cologne Germany 70,000
Hamburg Germany 70,000
Munich Germany 40,000
Mexico City Mexico 35,000
São Paulo Brazil 25,000
Hobart Australia 22,000
Edinburgh UK 20,000
Brussels Belgium 15,000
Canberra Australia 15,000
Brisbane Australia 12,000
Stockholm Sweden 10,000
Perth Australia 10,000
Brighton UK 10,000
Boston US 10,000
Paris France 9,400
Adelaide Australia 8,000
San Francisco US 8,000
Denver, CO US 7,500
Amsterdam Netherland 7,000
Seoul South Korea 4,000
Istanbul Turkey 3,500
Islamabad Pakistan 3,000
Belfast Ireland 3,000
Birmingham UK 3,000
Tokyo Japan 2,800
Seattle US 2,500
Cape Town South Africa 2,000
Delhi India 2,000
Portland, ME US 2,000
Los Angeles US 2,000
Singapore Singapore 1,700
Bogota Colombia 1,000
Karachi Pakistan 500
Alice Springs Australia 500
Syracuse, NY US 500
Dakar Senegal 200
Tblisi Georgia 100
Jakarta Indonesia 100
Hong Kong Hong Kong 100
Bujumbura Burundi 35
Lagos Nigeria 30
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1,000s
Bangkok Thailand 1,000s
Abuja Nigeria 100s
Dhaka Bangladesh 100s
Townsville Australia 100s
Lahore Pakistan 100s
Bangalore India 100s
Hyderabad India 100s
Johannesburg South Africa 100s
Dar es Salaam Tanzania 100s
Chennai India 10s
Santiago Chile 10s
Baghdad Iraq 10s
Ankara Turkey 10s
Yangon Myanmar 10s
St Petersburg Russia 10s
Kolkata India 10s
Mumbai India 10s