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CBS Touts ‘Panic’ Agenda Of ‘Climate Warrior’ Greta: ‘Shame’ Leaders Into Action

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CBS This Morning co-hosts on Tuesday promoted the “panic” agenda of a teenage “climate warrior.”

The journalists endorsed the Swedish girl’s call to “push” world leaders up “against the wall,” an awkward call given Europe’s history of political violence.

For the third time since August, CBS touted Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old who conducted a school strike over global warming and then took a “zero emissions” yacht to the United States.

Teasing the segment, Tony Dokoupil called for panic: “Ahead, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg will be here with why she believes world leaders should panic over climate change.”

Talking to the young girl, he again pushed the meltdown response to global warming: “Your message to world leaders is that it’s time to panic and you want them to panic. What do you hope happens next?”

Recounting off-air conversations, co-host Anthony Mason repeated, “You said to us a moment ago you want to push [world leaders] against the wall.”

Perhaps because this sounds extreme and possibly violent, co-host Gayle King tried to clarify: “To shame them, you said.”

Thunberg: Those who need shaming. It’s what I have been doing for quite a while now and it actually has a lot of impact when you speak, like, truth to power, when you don’t bother to be polite because this is such a serious crisis, and you cannot —  we cannot focus on what we can or cannot say.

Dokoupil gushed, “And now you have millions of kids around the world following you. What’s it been like to watch that change?”

At no time did any of the hosts ask any tough questions.

Although they insisted that Thunberg’s yacht to America was “zero emissions,” the journalists failed to note that two individuals were flown to America to retrieve the boat. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

On August 29, CBS and NBC hailed the teen, saying they were “smitten” with the “climate crusader.” Today co-host Craig Melvin cheered, “Go, Greta, go!” On August 28, CBS This Morning touted Thunberg as the “voice of the planet.”

At no time, then or now, did CBS note her extreme positions, including that eating meat is “stealing her generation’s future” and will lead to a climate apocalypse.

Additionally, the teenager has touted “flygskam” or flight shaming for anyone who dares use an airplane regularly.

On August 13, CBS previewed Thunberg’s yacht trip to America. In early August, King joined hypocritical leftist celebrities at a Google climate event.

Read more and transcript at NewsBusters

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