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The Global Climate Strike Is Coming: Be Prepared

The Global Climate Strike is an orchestrated political power grab based on deploying and using children.

For this ‘strike’ to work, the alarmists continue their efforts to seize political power by pressuring “adults” to join the children.

As such, between Sep. 20 – 27, children will walk out of school and are calling on adults to join them and walk out of their workplaces.

Over 300 or so left-wing media organizations are helping the cause.

These involve 250 newspapers and the ever-present Democrat Media Complex including ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, the Holocaust-denying New York Times, The Washington Post, the White House Press Corps and the rest of the usual miscreants.

The website has a striking appearance and begins with some somber text, supposedly written by adults who have put away rational, critical, and principled thinking as they desperately seek power.

Here are the words of their publicists (highly paid left-wing propagandists) putting words in the mouths of non-existent children:

“This September, millions of us will walk out of our workplaces and homes to join young climate strikers on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels.

“Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone.”

Well, what to say about this…

The objective is very clear: an end to fossil fuels. In other words, sending the world back into the Dark Ages. It won’t affect those who can afford to live a pricey, carbon-heavy lifestyle or who have exempted themselves because they need their private jets to ‘spread’ the climate gospel.

Economic and geopolitical enemies of the United States, such as China, look on with glee. And are surreptitiously financing it. Nothing would suit them better than to have developed nations embark on a suicidal mission to eliminate fossil-fuel use or production. Meanwhile, China is building three to five new coal plants per week.

So fossil fuels have to go, which means no transportation, no reliable electricity, and no food being harvested or shipped.

Of course, no water gets delivered by pumping systems or sewage processed because wind and solar can’t meet the energy requirements.

The star of the climate fraud agenda will not be Al Gore but rather the poster girl for the global warming scam, Greta Thunberg.

A child who has admitted to having cognitive and neurological disorders, claims she can see CO2 in the air, and who has been brainwashed by the dark forces of the Left and its political allies.

There is, in fact, no “children’s movement.” It is a carefully orchestrated campaign to create chaos and economic disruption in the United States.

The Climate Change Movement has nothing to do with climate change and has everything to do with power and money. The goal is to create a totalitarian government that strips the rights of U.S. citizens to save them from the non-existent threat of global warming. It’s much easier to scare citizens into willingly giving up their constitutional rights.

The so-called “children’s climate strike” is similar to the brainwashed children of Hitler’s Youth and the Soviet Pioneer children’s groups.

Greta and Stalin, however, are quite different. Stalin was the perpetrator and Greta the dupe.

From Sept. 20 – 27, we need to call out the liars, cheats, and frauds of the man-made global warming movement with pointed evidence to debunk their claims.

Also, make it clear that the activities of the so-called “strike” and the whole anti-science movement are serving the interests of our enemies.

Children marching in the streets don’t realize they are acting as puppets for a larger movement, one that’s built on ending our reliance on fossil fuels and even safe, clean nuclear energy.

After all, it’s not CO2 that controls the climate on this planet, it’s the sun. When the sun is weaker, it’s cooler, when the sun is stronger, it’s warmer.

The global warming fraud is made up of people who are quite literally science deniers. Although the sun’s influence is felt every day, they deny its importance in affecting our climate. Or the hundred or so other variables that their overheated climate models don’t take into account.

This article is a call to action. Political, financial, judicial, scientific, and communications action against the science deniers.

Let’s make it a strike that brings out the best in us and in America.

Dr. Joel Glass is an engineer working in the field of water infrastructure for ultra-cold climate environments. He is the author of the groundbreaking new book, ICE AGE … 2025: HOW TO PREPARE AMERICA AND YOUR FAMILY, which shows how the Earth is heading into a colder climate.

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