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Way to Dump All the Good News About Wind Power on a Friday Afternoon, DOE

2018 Wind Technologies Market Report (Credit: screenshot via US DOE Wind power in the USA.) Click to Enlarge.

The US Department of Energy buried some good news about the US wind industry earlier this month, and now all of a sudden the floodgates are open.  On Friday afternoon the agency promoted three new annual reports recapping the state of US wind power in 2018, including utility scale onshore and offshore wind, and distributed wind.  Together, they track the rise of wind power — and the fall of coal.

Dumping All The Good News About US Wind Power
So what’s with the Friday news dump?  After all, releasing major news on a Friday afternoon is a classic PR strategy for burying bad news, and the three new reports are ripe with good news.  Well, unless you are someone who promised to save the US coal industry.

Under Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes dropped a hint in that direction in Friday’s press release announcing the three reports, stating that “this Administration has proven that we can pursue renewable energy advancements and deployment, particularly wind energy resources.”

In his next breath Menezes hammered home the point with this comment:  “U.S. offshore wind is poised to be a significant part of our comprehensive energy portfolio in the coming years.”

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