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In September Birdwatch

Me, Rebecca Armstrong (editor of Birdwatch) and Ruth Tingay at the Bird Fair on Saturday. Photo: some bloke from Gloucester

Rebecca, Ruth and I had a chat at the Bird Fair.

In this month’s Birdwatch there is an excellent article on raptor persecution by Ruth Tingay as well as a host of excellent images of rare birds from the UK and elsewhere in Europe. I enjoyed Bill Oddie’s back-page column too.

In my Political Birder column I praise Waitrose for starting to go lead-free with its game meat, and slag off the government for not doing anything themselves. Each month my column gives readers a suggestion of something to do – in September it would be good to write to other supermarkets and ask them what their line is on feeding poisonous lead to their customers in game meat when Waitrose are moving to supply lead-free meat.


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