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Can you help please?

Photo: Chris Packham

If you would like to help recruit your friends, family, workmates, lovers etc to the cause of banning driven grouse shooting then Wild Justice will gladly send you the postcard above.

It’s a lovely Golden Eagle by Chris Packham.

But on the other side, the business side, is the information that you can share with people about the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

You can see that this has the link to the e-petition (so people can write it down for future use (good, but not ideal), or take a photo of it (better, but not ideal) or use their smart phone to scan that QR code (the square black and white pattern) which will take them straight to the petition website and they can sign up immediately.  

If you’d like one of these postcards, and if you think you can recruit a few more people by using it, then please send an email titled DGS (with your postal address in the text) to  Wild Justice will send you a card and delete your address details when the petition closes. One card per email address so that as many people as possible can take part.

Time is of the essence – this e-petition, and all others, will close when a general election is called and that may not be more than 25 days away. If it is, then we still have to collect another 28,500 signatures in c25 days – that’s still quite a task. So, please help if you can.

Please sign this e-petition by Chris Packham calling for a ban of driven grouse shooting.


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