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Bird Fair quick thoughts

  • Bird Fair 2019 was great
  • the weather was mostly OK but rain on Friday made the slithering around in places part of the fun – I can’t remember a recent Bird Fair when we’ve had to do that (but they all merge into one really)
  • I met some interesting new people and some interesting old friends and heard some good gossip
  • I hardly got to a talk, but the ones I attended were very good: Paul Thomas had a small audience but his talk was very funny, Simon Tonkin and Niki Williamson did a good job in explaining how a bird tour company can help to make birding travel more sustainable, Ruth Tingay was ace on Friday and the Bird POTY prize winners were, as always, contentious and fascinating
  • the food was good – miles better than a few years ago (just miles better)
  • the pint of cider and pint of beer I had were both delicious
  • everyone was very friendly
  • I’ll be back next year

More considered thoughts soon.

Were you there? What did you think?


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