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Ban driven grouse shooting 2019 Day 6

We’re now on Day 6 and the e-petition calling for a ban of driven grouse shooting is over two thirds of the way towards a Westminster Hall debate.

Here’s a map of where those signatures come from;

Here are constituencies with 154+ signatures already (the only significance of 154 is that is the average number of signatures/constituency needed to get 100,000 signatures overall). This list will be out of date by the time you read it – the figures are growing all the time (and take quite a while to compile). But I hope it is interesting.

Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, Drew Hendry MP (SNP), 342 signatures

Ross, Skye and Lochaber, Ian Blackford MP (SNP), 265 signatures

High Peak, Ruth George MP (Lab), 298 signatures

Bristol West, Thangam Debbonaire MP (Lab), 254 signatures

Calder Valley, Craig Whittaker MP (Con), 299 signatures

Sheffield Hallam, Jared O’Mara MP (Ind), 251 signatures

Derbyshire Dales, Patrick McLoughlin MP (Con), 251 signatures

Edinburgh North and Leith, Deidre Brock MP (SNP), 249 signatures

Argyll and Bute, Brendan O’Hara (SNP), 234 signatures

Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith MP (Con), 225 signatures

Truro and Falmouth, Sarah Newton MP (Con), 221 signatures

Stroud, David Drew MP (Lab), 218 signatures

Ochill and South Perthshire, Luke Graham MP (Con), 218 signatures

Thirsk and Malton, Kevin Hollinrake MP (Con), 215 signatures

Westmorland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron MP (LibDem), 214 signatures

Somerton and Frome, David Warburton MP (Con), 213 signatures

Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas MP (Green), 213 signatures

Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk, John Lamont MP (Con), 212 signatures

Stirling, Stephen Kerr MP (Con), 202 signatures

Suffolk Coastal, Therese Coffey MP (Con), 201 signatures

Northeast Fife, Stephen Gethins MP (SNP), 199 signatures

South Norfolk, Richard Bacon MP (Con), 198 signatures

Wells, James Heappey MP (Con), 197 signatures

Penrith and The Border, Rory Stewart MP (Con), 196 signatures

South Cambridgeshire, Heidi Allen MP (Ind), 194 signatures

York Inner, Rachael Maskell MP (Lab), 194 signatures

West Dorset, Oliver Letwin MP (Con), 194 signatures

Central Devon, Mel Stride MP (Con), 191 signatures

North Norfolk, Norman Lamb MP (LibDem), 188 signatures

Edinburgh East, Tommy Sheppard MP (SNP), 188 signatures

St Ives, Derek Thomas MP (Con), 187 signatures

Sheffield Central, Paul Blomfield MP (Lab), 187 signatures

Hove, Peter Kyle MP (Lab), 187 signatures

Mid Norfolk, George Freeman MP (Con), 186 signatures

Moray, Douglas Ross MP (Con), 186 signatures

Richmond, Rishi Sunak MP (Con), 184 signatures

West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Andrew Bowie MP (Con), 184 signatures

Bridgwater and West Somerset, Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, 183 signatures

Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweedale, David Mundell MP (Con), 180 signatures

Midlothian, Danielle Rowley MP (Lab), 178 signatures

Bristol South, Karin Smyth MP (Lab), 177 signatures

Broadland, Keith Simpson MP (Con), 175 signatures

Lancaster and Fleetwood, Cat Smith MP (Lab), 174 signatures

Hexham, Guy Opperman MP (Con), 172 signatures

Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner MP (Lab), 171 signatures

Torridge and West Devon, Geoffrey Cox MP (Con), 171 signatures

Witney, Robert Courts MP (Con), 171 signatures

The Cotswolds, Geoffrey Clinton-Brown MP (Con), 171 signatures

Totnes, Sarah Wollaston MP (Lib Dem), 171 signatures

Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish MP (Con), 171 signatures

North Somerset, Liam Fox MP (Con), 171 signatures

Sheffield Heeley, Louise Haigh MP (Lab), 169 signatures

Scarborough and Whitby, Robert Goodwill MP (Con), 169 signatures

Southeast Cambridgeshire, Lucy Frazer MP (Con), 168 signatures

West Worcestershire, Harriet Baldwin MP (Con), 165 signatures

Lewes, Maria Caulfield MP (Con), 165 signatures

North Herefordshire, Bill Wiggin MP (Con), 164 signatures

Colne Valley, Thelma Walker MP (Lab), 164 signatures

Norwich South, Clive Lewis MP (Lab), 164 signatures

Macclesfield, David Rutley MP (Lab), 164 signatures

Arundel and South Downs, Nick Herbert MP (Con), 163 signatures

Chippenham, Michelle Donelan MP (Con), 163 signatures

York Outer, Julian Sturdy MP (Con), 163 signatures

Oxford West and Abingdon, Layla Moran MP (LibDem), 162 signatures

Bath, Wera Hobhouse MP (LibDem), 161 signatures

Shrewsbury and Atcham, Daniel KawczynskiMP (Con), 161 signatures

Ludlow, Philip Dunne MP (Con), 160 signatures

North East Bedfordshire, Alistair Burt MP (Con), 159 signatures

New Forest West, Desmond Swayne MP (Con), 158 signatures

Hastings and Rye, Amber Rudd MP (con), 157 signatures

Waveney, Peter Aldhous MP (Con), 157 signatures

Rushcliffe, Ken Clarke MP (Con), 157 signatures

Rutland and Melton, Alan Duncan MP (Con), 157 signatures

Camborne and Redruth, George Eustice MP (Con), 157 signatures

South Dorset, Richard Drax MP (Con), 155 signatures

Wantage, Ed Vaizey MP (Con), 154 signatures

It’s a brilliant start; 76 constituencies already at or well past 154 signatures (48 Con, 14 Lab, 6 SNP, 5 LibDem, 2 Independent and 1 (ie all) Green Party). And some of them well past that figure.

And this analysis (done by a reader of this blog when the total of signatures was 60,200) shows the support by party:

NB based on parties after 2017 election – some seats have changed hands through defections/by-elections since then

Clearly, LibDem seats tend to be strong supporters of this e-petition and Labour seats much weaker – this is partly a reflection of the rural/urban split of the main parties’ seats.

Please sign this e-petition calling for driven grouse shooting to be banned.


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