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Lots of signatures

Twenty-eight thousand signatures in just over 24 hours – Wow!

I’m not entirely sure why this is going so strongly – except that there are obviously at least 28,500 very sensible people out there.

If I were a politician I would have noticed this initial very strong start (in the holiday period, too) and begin to wonder how I should react to this groundswell of opinion.

Labour has reacted in advance, as it were, and that is very welcome. If Labour wants to keep High Peak, and ‘keep’ Sheffield Hallam, and win Calder Valley, Preseli Pembrokeshire and Camarthen West and South Pembrokeshire then a look at this issue might be sensible.

LibDem/Tory marginals are going to be important in the next general election too.

And then there is Scotland with Tory/SNP rural marginals.

Maybe there won’t be aqny more signatures at all ( 😉 ) but if the strength of support continues for a while then this issue becomes a minor one in some seats in a general election.

Anyway – thanks for all the support and please spread the word to your friends to sign the e-petition calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting.


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