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My love affair with herby, veggie-packed omelets

Forget smoothies. Omelets are the best way to sneak piles of greens into the morning meal.

Eating one’s greens is a good daily practice. Lately, I’ve heard a number of people mention how they try to ‘front-load’ their day with greens, eating as many as possible first thing in the morning, usually in the form of a smoothie. It’s true that greens are easy to consume in large quantities when blended into a fruity, frozen smoothie, but I’ve never found smoothies to be sufficiently satisfying as a meal.

As someone who loves savoury foods, I’ve discovered that omelets are the best way to consume a large quantities of greens for breakfast. In fact, I’m rather hooked on the morning habit right now and have eaten the same kind of herb- and vegetable-packed omelet every day for the past three months.

It’s also an excellent way to work through the mountain of vegetables, leafy greens, and fresh herbs that I receive from my weekly CSA (community supported agriculture) share. An omelet is a marvellously adaptable food that works with just about anything, and so I use it to eat whatever needs to be eaten in my fridge.

Usually I start by pre-cooking vegetables such as onions, zucchini, kale, or mustard greens. I sauté in olive oil until soft, then remove from pan. Then I whisk two eggs with a dash of milk, salt, and pepper, and add a full cup or so of chopped fresh herbs. This can be anything – dill, basil, cilantro, parsley, tarragon – and it’s almost impossible to add too much; the egg always manages to bind it together. I cook this in the pan, then flip, and add the pre-cooked vegetables, any additional chopped herbs or arugula, and a generous handful of grated cheese. Fold in half, let the cheese melt, then slide it onto a plate.

The herbs fill the omelet with flavor, the vegetables make it hearty and nutritious, and the whole thing – eaten with a side of whole-grain toast and dashes of hot sauce – fills me up for the rest of the morning. I can’t think of a better way to start off my day, especially when accompanied by a mug of strong coffee.

Forget smoothies. Omelets are the best way to sneak piles of greens into the morning meal.


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