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Photo: Forest of Dean revels in the mist

Our photo of the day comes from Gloucestershire, England.

Photographer Andrew Hocking learned a valuable photography lesson while on visit to Wales, new camera in hand. When life gives you mist and drizzle, make gorgeous mist and drizzle photos. Andrew writes:

I’ve just got back from one of my regular visits to Wales armed with my new full frame camera. I was keen to put it through it’s paces but found myself up against less than perfect conditions. On warm days towards the beginning of the trip haze and low cloud scuppered my shots. Towards the end of the week mist and drizzle descended – so I decided to do my best with the weather I was dealt!

This image was actually taken in the Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire, England) – about an hour from where I stayed in Wales.

Usually I tend to plan my shots and almost know what I’ll shoot before I arrive. This time though, I walked around looking for “less cliché” images.

With a bland grey sky lacking any detail, constant rain and drizzle, I knew that stunning light would be unlikely. So Instead I looked for isolated trees lost in the mist – or mist giving depth to a cluster of trees.

About three hours into the walk without a single (good) shot taken, we were actually a bit lost as we found ourselves walking down a valley side covered by tall trees and into an open quarry. As the trees cleared, one of the views I was hoping for presented itself – trees shrouded with mist on the other side of the valley!

I always love these descriptive anecdotes by photographers – not only do we get a beautiful image, but a little peek behind the curtain as well.

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