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Why ‘Climate Models™’ Are Pure Hokum

ipcc meeting

ipcc meeting

The key to keeping the UN-IPCC show rolling along is the ‘Climate Models™’.

The climate models are NOT run on basic physics as many cAGW advocates claim, they are run on assumptions and ‘tuned’ parameters. They are run like this for two reasons:

  1. The underlying physics is unknown (the hows and whys of atmospheric water — humidity changes, clouds, precipitation, snow, and ice volumes and changes — is almost a complete mystery to the modelers, as is the physics of the driving force(s) of the ocean cycles, and the how/what/why particulates, dust, and VOC change the climate is also very uncertain.)
  1. Assumptions are made based on the idea that rising atmospheric CO2 will warm the planet. This assumption has never been validated, and it is not evident in the real world.

These ‘climate models™’ are PURE HOKUM; they are a method by which the UN-IPCC assumption that CO2 is detrimental to life on the planet is subjected to confirmation bias, and not to honest, objective, disinterested scientists working on impartial science.

Real science understands its limitations, real science knows that a theory is only as good as the observational evidence that supports it, real science recognizes it is a flawed process and that tomorrow new discoveries can overturn what is accepted today.

Real science recognizes that repeatable measurements of very high accuracy and high resolution are needed for good, worthy science, and not averaged means or approximate guesses.

Elementary math today may conclude that 2+2=4, only to find out later that due to unknown factors, the 4 result was only one of many numbers of loci around which our chaotic climate cycles.

And that averaging loosely coupled feedback factors in a chaotic system does not reveal any true meaning or worth.

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