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Month: August 2019

Why home cooking can't solve all our food problems

Gathering around the family table for a nightly dinner has never been so complicated. It seems like there’s a new study every day describing rising obesity rates, the danger of ultra-processed foods, and the increasingly busy schedules of families —…

Watch kangaroos frolic in the snow in Australia

[embedded content] Kangaroos hopping across a large snowy field in Australia may not be the first image that comes to mind when you think about these large marsupials. But that makes it all the more exciting to see a whole…

Fake news (1) by Diogenes

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The sun is between us and Mars now

So we can’t see Mars in our night sky. But, more importantly for NASA, beginning this week, space engineers won’t be able to risk sending commands to our fleet of spacecraft at Mars. What happens instead? Watch this video.

How did Pluto become a dwarf planet?

It’s been 13 years since astronomers announced Pluto would no longer be considered a major planet in our solar system. When it happened, in 2006, the decision caused a shock wave around the world.

Democratic Field Shrinks to 21: This Week in the 2020 Race

“I’m not going to be the president,” Mr. Inslee conceded. He announced shortly after that he would seek a third term as governor. Mr. Inslee drew an outpouring of praise this week for spotlighting climate issues with his candidacy. He…

Cyclone over Arctic Ocean – August 24, 2019

As illustrated by above map, Arctic heating is accelerating, with temperatures showing up in the Arctic that are up to 4.41°C hotter than the average global temperature during 1880-1920. The image below shows two plots. On the left-hand side is…

How Tesla Is Supercharging Itself

Building an electric vehicle charging station is not a simple task. And the task becomes even harder if you’re planning to build a network of charging stations around the world. According to a UBS report published in early 2017, the cost to build a supercharging station is a cool $250,