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Month: August 2019

Electric Porsche 912 With Tesla Motor (Video + Interview)

The Porsche 912 and 911 are classic cars some people go nuts over — the attachment may seem irrational, but it’s still quite real. (The same is true of a number of different Porsche models.) The fact that a 1968 912 can be converted to all-electric status with a Tesla motor only makes it that much sweeter. The look and feel are still Porsche, but the tech is more powerful and is quieter. Also, since it runs on electricity, polluting fossil fuels can be avoided

Google’s Obscene Left-Wing Bias Against Conservatives And Climate Skeptics

Several months ago, Google quietly released a 32-page white paper, “How Google Fights Disinformation.” That sounds good. The problem is that Google not only controls a whopping 92.2% of all online searches, but it’s also a decidedly left-wing outfit, which…

The Tesla Model 3 From A Female European Perspective

Traditionally, the domain of cars has been mostly one of males, guys, men, dudes, hombres, etc. Guys working on cars was, and perhaps remains, a familiar enough scenario that it’s assumed this kind of mechanical interest and ability is masculine

Tim Melling – Hen Harrier

Tim writes: according to the RSPB, 2019 was a record year for Hen Harriers in England with 33 young fledged from 9 nests. But it is within my memory that 30 pairs nested in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland alone. Nine…

7 “Little Things” We Love About The Tesla Model 3

“It’s the little things.” “Stop to smell the roses.” “Don’t forget to enjoy life.” There are various phrases that try to remind us that big-picture topics don’t always dominate our lives. In fact, little things of daily life can influence us on a grand scale. With many little things, it wouldn’t hurt us to pause and appreciate them a little more

Why does Mars’ methane vary across a single Martian day?

Previous studies showed that methane in Mars’ atmosphere varies across the Martian seasons. New research shows daily fluctuations as well. It’s interesting because, on Earth, methane gas can be tied to microbial life.

Bridging The Gap For Battery Storage: How M-Kopa Labs Is Pulling Academic Research Into The Off-Grid Solar Industry

Knowledge transfer between academia and industry has the potential to affect a lot of change for a small off-grid solar company like M-KOPA Solar, a Kenya-based company and 2015 recipient of the Zayed Future Energy Prize. This is why Harini Hewa Dewage joined M-KOPA Labs, the research branch of M-KOPA, in November of 2016 as its battery technology specialist

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