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Werrity is coming and the Scottish government is ready and eager for action

Three regular readers of this blog (all from England actually) wrote to the Scottish government about recent cases of disappearing eagles and trapped Hen Harriers and got the same reply, part of which is produced below;

The wording doesn’t make it sound like Werrity ought to be too concerned at being ambitious for change… ‘a core of people determined to continue with their criminal actions‘ and ‘to keep taking action until we have dealt with this issue that continues to blight parts of Scotland‘.

I understand that ‘the next few weeks’ probably means September, maybe late September, rather than August, and then Scottish ministers will have to consider the report.

Only a full ban on intensive grouse shooting will remove the motive for raptor persection sufficiently to solve the problem, but if Werrity recommends licensing then that at least would be a step forward, a false step forward, but a step towards the eventual elimination of unsustainable grouse shooting from the uplands of one part of the UK.

As always, the Westminster government sits inert and idle on these issues. Wilfully blind and wilfully inactive – just shameful.


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