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How to nap like a sea otter pup

There are some things in this world that everyone should see.

Take for example these two cute otter pups from Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. Try not to get a huge smile on your face as you watch them perform the simple task of napping.

These two orphaned pups were rescued two weeks ago and have been taken into Shedd Aquarium’s Regenstein Sea Otter Nursery to grow and build important otter skills.

The rescuers will play an important role in helping these two young otters because much of an otter’s behavior is learned from watching its mother.

The are bonding with caretakers as they continue to grow and build important otter skills. Oh, those paws. (Photo: Brenna Hernandez/©Shedd Aquarium)

The team at the aquarium will help them learn about gathering food, grooming their fur and much more.

Both otter pups are extremely active and have much to learn, like how to withstand the cold waters in their natural environment.

By expending so much energy, that means they need an equally restful and quite sweet nap time.

These are just the first steps in these pups’ journey, so be sure to follow Shedd Aqaurium and MNN to stay updated on their progress!

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

How to nap like a sea otter pup

Two rescued sea otter pups show how adorable they can be during nap time at Shedd Aquarium.


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