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Giant Corn Crop Planted in the Shape of a Sea Turtle Was Created Using GPS –LOOK

A massive maze stretching five acres is delighting visitors and aerial drones alike with its 3.7 mile path laid out in the shape of a sea turtle.

It took a team of gardeners at Cairnie Fruit Farm, in Cupar, Scotland, months to grow the crop, which was planted in May with the help of a GPS tracker to create the design.

The team at the farm, which grows an impressive maze in a different shape every year, will wait until October to harvest the corn, which is expected to reach up to 8ft tall when it is fully grown.

Outdoor Manager, Radu Moldovan, who has worked at the farm for 12 years, said it takes about two and a half hours for visitors to finish walking the entire path (6km).

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A tractor plants the corn four rows at a time, and harvest will take place shortly after Halloween.

“We mark it out with the help of a GPS tracker and know every twist and turn of it,” says Radu, 37.

Turtle maze open to the public in Cupar, Fife in Scotland. All photos courtesy of SWNS

Previous designs have included a hedgehog, Roald Dahl’s BFG, and Darth Vader.

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“This year we decided we wanted to do an environmental theme, so came up with the sea turtle.”

One-year-old Lacey Gibbing explores Cairnie Fruit Farm maze in Fife – SWNS

“We opened up yesterday (Monday) and people were queuing to get around, it’s been really popular.”

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