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World’s Most Unusual Beach Is Actually A Glacier That Never Melts

Buluus Glacier July

Buluus Glacier July

Today the Buluus glacier is as packed with visitors as the only official beach in Yakutsk, the world’s largest city built on permafrost.

A hidden gem of Yakutia, it lies in a deep valley some 100 km (62 miles) from Yakutsk, surrounded by pristine pine forests and lush green meadows.

The glacier covers over 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres) and thanks to dozens of meters of permafrost underneath it, the ice doesn’t melt – even during exceptionally hot summers.

‘This is for real, your eyes are not failing you, it’s ice,’ wrote local woman Zhanna Myasnikova as she shared pictures of herself enjoying the refreshing day at the glacier.

‘The Buluus glacier is a fantastic place to be in the middle of summer when the air heats to over 30C (86F).

‘By the end of summer the ice melts a bit, but comes winter and it gains strength again.

‘This is a thousand-year-long fight between ice and fire.’

In this region, which straddles the Arctic Circle, winter temperatures fall to minus 60C (-140F) – and below.

Summers are short but can be hot, as locals are experiencing now.

Indeed, today at +32C (89.6F), Yakutsk is hotter than Yemen!

The traditionally coldest part of Siberia is also hotter than leading Spanish holiday hot spots such as Majorca and Marbella.

‘Where else would you find a place with so many contrasts? The feeling of breathing cold air, touching chilling cold ice and drinking amazingly tasty cold water from the glacier on such a hot day is unforgettable,’ said another local resident Aitalina.

Many around the world know Yakutia as the world’s Kingdom of Cold, and locals jokingly add that on an average winter day, it is a lot warmer to sit inside a freezer than to be outdoors.

Yet few know about scorchingly hot summers in this part of Russia when air temperatures can reach +35C (95F) during heatwaves.

On a day like today, the city beach in Yakutsk on the Lena River is also packed full.

‘I wish I could teleport to Buluus glacier on one of those hot days, to enjoy its relaxing cooling’, moaned one of the locals resting on the beach.

The heatwave is set to last for several more days, with air temperature dropping to a milder +16C (60.8F) by July 24.

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