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Tiny Home Updates to Prioritize this Summer

Summer is full of adventure, picnics, and pool parties, but it’s also an excellent time to take inventory of your tiny home and create a home renovation plan for any pressing issues. You might be considering expanding your outdoor space, adding in more storage, or updating the exterior of your home. There’s no better time than the present to make a plan and get started on your home improvement projects.

Before we dive into a few home renovation projects you might want to check out, here are a few tips on creating a plan and budget before you get started.

Creating a Plan

It’s a good idea to begin any home update by creating a list of all of the improvements you want to do. Search for some of the best tips for home improvement projects so that you know just what your getting into and can begin forming a strategy. Think about supplies you’ll need, how much labor it will take, and about how long it might take to complete each task. This can help you decide which project to start first.

Home remodeling projects can hold hidden costs and countless hours of labor. If you’re considering large-scale updates, you’ll need to create a budget so that you can decide if you need to apply for a loan or other financing options. When you start jotting down all of the potential costs, make sure you consider things that can break the bank, such as demolition, nights away from home, permits for any extensive work, as well as hiring a qualified team of builders to avoid the possibility of accidents that’ll land financially in your lap. This helps you form a realistic estimate of what it will take for your all-in budget. While your tiny home renovations certainly won’t rack up as much of a cost as a full-sized home, don’t let that slip you into a false sense of security!

Choose Your Project

Now that you know how to create a plan and budget, you’re ready to get started. However, if you’re not set on your list of projects, we can help. Here are a few of our favorite summer home updates that can have you living life in style this season and get ready for the next.

Expand Outside

Just because your lot is small doesn’t mean you can’t landscape and add in a few new features to enjoy this summer. Vertical gardens are a creative way to add color and greenery to the front or side of your tiny home. You can purchase planters that hold soil and attach to the wall, or you can improvise and use things like gutters, wooden boxes, or tin cans. Suspend your garden on the side of the house to enjoy a little color. You can also add in small bushes or ornamental trees to make the space feel complete.

If you’re looking for ways to keep cool this summer, you may want to consider a clever, tiny-scaled home improvement in your yard by adding a small pool. Buy a galvanized water trough and equip it with a garden hose attached to a hose splitter on the side. Voila! You have a swimming pool for two for a few hundred dollars. Create a changing area off of the porch or deck to make it simple to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool all summer long.

Upgrade Your Storage

Maximizing your space in a tiny home might seem like a continuous process. Take a look around at your house and identify a few places that could serve double-duty. Do you have a seating area that could be custom-made with storage underneath? This is an excellent use of precious square inches if you do. If you have plenty of space at the top of your home, consider adding in a loft for living space or a bedroom. Loft stairs provide an excellent area for built-in drawers and can even boast enough room for hanging and storing clothes.

If the kitchen is getting too crowded, think about custom-built storage units that can eliminate the need for a pantry. You can also upgrade your appliances and hang things like the microwave to clear out room for cutting boards and other food prep areas. If an update of the bathroom is needed, think about the storage in this room as well. You can even design a wet bath so that the entire bathroom space serves as the shower. Install a shower curtain to separate the toilet or door if needed. This can increase your usable space in the bathroom and provide other areas you can use for built-in storage. 

Enhance Your Windows and Doors

If it’s time to update drafty windows or add some shutters to give the face of your tiny home a new look, consider making these home improvements before winter. Completing updates in the summer keeps you from braving the winter elements and allows you to get a quicker return-on-investment with lower heating bills. Summer is also an excellent time to paint the outside of your house, including any doors. Check all of your windows and consider upgrading to save money on your heating and cooling bills. These types of home updates can get your home ready for the winter ahead, but also provide a fresh look that keeps you happy well into next year.

Think Efficient

If you have some money in the budget, you should consider upgrading a few things in your home that can create a more energy-efficient space. Thermostats are full of innovations these days that can allow you to control the temperature setting in your home from your mobile device. Products like the Nest Learning Thermostat can even pick up on your habits and change the setting to help you save money. Most other appliances are created with energy efficiencies these days, so you might want to think about upgrading your clothes washer and dryer, refrigerator, and dishwasher, too.

Time to Start Working

Get started on your home improvement projects for your tiny home today. Make your list, form a budget, and choose your upgrades. Then, all you have left to do is all that work!

Image Source: Unsplash

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