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A home is not a house, and a Polydrop is not a typical teardrop

It’s not a trailer, it’s a portable private space.

The British engineer and critic Reyner Banham wasn’t fond of American architecture, calling houses “notoriously inefficient hollow shells” in his article, A home is not a house.

..the American hollow shell is such an inefficient heat barrier, Americans have always been prepared to pump more heat, light and power into their shelters than other peoples.

Side of Polydrop© Polydrops

Kyung-Hyun Lew, a graduate of architecture from SCI-Arc, knows his Banham. So he has designed his Polydrop with a serious amount of insulation ( up to 8.2″ of expanded polystyrene in the walls, R6 polyiso in the roof) so that people would be warm inside and doesn’t need much pumping of anything.

But that is not the only thing he appears to have learned from Banham, who was writing in 1965 about the wonders of camping and technology from the space program.

Unlike the living space trapped with our forebears under a rock or roof, the space around a camp-fire has many unique qualities which architecture cannot hope to equal, above all, its freedom and variability.

Banham described his perfect mobile camper, “radiating soft light and Dionne Warwick in heart-warming stereo, with well-aged protein turning in an infra-red glow in the rotisserie, and the ice-maker discreetly coughing cubes into glasses on the swing-out bar- this could do something for a woodland glade or creekside rock that Playboy could never do for its penthouse.

Interior with storage and lighting© Polydrops

The Polydrop doesn’t have the ice maker, but can cue up Dionne and some very warm lighting.

Kitchen at rear of polydrop© Polydrops

It doesn’t have an infrared rotisserie but it does have a kitchen with a place for a stove where you can cook up a well-aged bit of protein.

Polydrop towed by Corvette© Polydrops

In Banham’s time he wrote that “all this will eat up quite a lot of power, transistors notwithstanding. But one should remember that few Americans are ever far from a source of between 100 and 400 horsepower, the automobile (with beefed-up batteries.)” The Polydrop doesn’t need that; with LEDs and a 100 watt solar panel it can do it all on its own.

Polydrop inside© Polydrops

Banham was right, a home is not a house, it can be anything. Kyung-Hyun Lew says of the Polydrop:

What I’ve designed is not a camping trailer. it is a portable private space, that you can travel with. Fun fact is, my wife and I not only used to use this trailer for traveling but also we use it as a personal studying space at the SCI-Arc parking lot and a micro office while we were developing our business at the start-up incubator.

It is not a house; it is not even Banham’s un-house. But it is a beautiful cross between a teardrop and an F-117 stealth fighter, all angular and aluminum. At 760 pounds, you can tow it with anything and go just about anywhere. I suspect Reyner Banham would be impressed.

Starting at $9K at Polydrops.

specifications and dimensions of polydrop© Polydrops

It’s not a trailer, it’s a portable private space.


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