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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Change – Conservation International

The challenge

Current greenhouse gas emission trends put the world on course for a 3.7–4.8°C temperature increase by 2100, which would cause catastrophic effects. Even the commitments made under the new Paris Agreement fall short of the cuts required to limit warming to a relatively safer 2°C. Even if all emissions are stopped immediately, effects will continue for centuries due to the cumulative impact of emissions already in the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, nearly 800 million people globally are currently considered especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

The vision

Conservation International envisions a world where nature’s contribution to addressing climate change is fully maximized. This means that nature not only lives up to its potential to mitigate climate change — tropical forests alone can deliver 30% of mitigation action needed to prevent catastrophic climate change — but also is fully deployed in places where ecosystems can help vulnerable populations adapt to the already-present and future effects of climate change.


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