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Air Travel Is About To Get More Expensive – Thank The Alarmists



I wasn’t surprised to see Vice beating the drum for this new alarmism in the climate change movement, but that doesn’t mean it failed to annoy me.  The subtitle said it all…

“Contrails are Air Travel’s Dirty Secret: A new German Aerospace Center study says the clouds formed in the wake of plans have an impact on the climate that’s not being properly addressed.”

I’d love to convince myself that I’m speculating irresponsibly when I say this, but with almost every Democrat presidential candidate affirming their belief that global warming is the greatest national security threat to the United States, and with carbon taxes being a favorite legislative “solution” proffered by so many progressives, I know I’m not.

If you think your plane ticket is expensive now, just wait.

Here’s the story lede:

Air travel is predicted to increase in the coming years, the exhaust from planes filling more of our skies with clouds known as contrails. These clouds are largely unaccounted for in climate policy and could triple the climate impact of air travel from 2006 levels by 2050, according to new research.

The article goes on to explain that contrails act as ice clouds that trap heat in our atmosphere like a “light blanket.”  And if you’re tempted to say, “but contrails are so thin relatively speaking,” you just don’t understand science the way these people do.

After all, experts anticipate that by 2050, there will be triple the number of contrails in the skies as a result of increased air travel.

And besides, these experts already suggest that airplanes account for 5% of this kind of man-made heat-trapping, and contrails are responsible for the majority of that.  They don’t have any real, concrete data to prove that, but this study tells them all they need to know.

And here’s why that matters to you.  The anthropogenic (man-made) climate change movement has always been about control.  It’s always been about power.

If you can control the amount of energy people use, you can control people.  Seizing that kind of power arbitrarily could get messy, so it’s much easier to get people to surrender it willfully. How do you accomplish that?

Perhaps there’s more than one way, but convincing them that they are saving the planet and all humanity in the process is certainly one approach.  And that’s where we are and will continue to be until voters wise up.

Automobiles are as expensive as they are today in part because of the wild claims of this movement.  The same is already true for airplane tickets.  And this recent development from the Warmers only ensures it’s going to get worse in the years to come.

Who will be affected?  Everyone.  As air travel becomes more common, it should become less expensive.  Don’t count on it.

The Third World will continue to be locked out of participation, the global exchange of goods and services will be negatively impacted (meaning price hikes), and recreation/tourism will take a hit as well.

But, as always, the rich will be largely impervious.  If not exempted through loopholes, they will be able to afford to purchase inflated ticket prices, or simply buy offsetting “carbon credits” for their excesses.

You and I?  We’ll be watching the contrails in the sky from the interstate traffic jam far below.

Get ready.

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