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Alas, planting a trillion trees won’t save the planet from climate change

We still have to reduce our carbon emissions.

When it comes to climate change, we have been bouncing back and forth between posts like the apocalyptic New study says we have to stop building CO2 emitting infrastructure right now, were we all have to stop making pipelines and cars today, and the positive and uplifting Planting trees could be a “mind-blowing” solution to climate change, where if we plant a trillion trees, it will reverse climate change. What TreeHugger wouldn’t be excited by that.

We noted in the latter post that there were skeptics, and more of them are coming out of the woodwork. Kevin Drum of Mother Jones writes that Trees will not save us from climate change, noting:

If we could really get all the countries of the world to plant trees on currently unused land that’s suitable for reforestation, that would be great. But even if we went all out and got 100 percent cooperation, it would take 50 or 60 years for these forests to grow to maturity. Unless we do something about actual emissions, we will have added at least 500 gigatonnes of additional carbon by then, bringing us to total emissions of about a billion gigatonnes of carbon. The trees would make only a small difference.

Planting trees is a wonderful idea, but it isn’t enough and it isn’t fast. We still have to cut our carbon emissions.

Perhaps one way to kill two birds with one stone is to plant trees on our parking lots, turning them into forests.

In the end, the Onion has the best solution: Individual action, where we all do our part.
Remember, it is the Onion, and a parody; we at TreeHugger are not so negative.

A report published Wednesday by researchers at Brown University concluded that a single individual who wishes to do their part to stop climate change must remove 40,000 cars from public roadways and revive 20 square miles of coral reef. “As long as everyone on the planet intensifies their efforts by personally clearing 6.5 tons of plastic from the ocean, installing 7,000 solar panels in their community, and cutting back their use of fresh water by 300 million gallons, the human race may still have a shot at slowing climate change” said atmospheric scientist Dr. Lauren Moffat…Moffat added that reversing climate change can be as simple as removing every single car from the road or perfecting cold fusion.

More in the Onion.

We still have to reduce our carbon emissions.


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