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316 Dutch Bus Stops Are Getting Green Roofs Covered in Plants as a Gift For Honeybees

Hundreds of Dutch bus stops are getting eco-friendly makeovers so they can be transformed into lush green sanctuaries for honeybees and humans alike.

All 316 bus stops in the city of Utrecht are receiving green rooftops covered in sedum plants. Not only are the succulents good for improving air quality, they are also good for helping to support dwindling pollinator populations.

The city also says that succulents are good for storing rain water, capturing dust particulates from the air, and providing a cooling environment in the summertime.

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The sedum roofs are just one of the ways that the city is improving upon their transit shelters; over the course of the next few years, Utrecht will be installing solar panels on every single one of their bus stops.

In February, the city also announced that they would be replacing their current transit vehicles with a new fleet of electric buses.

Regional officials are aiming to employ an entirely carbon-neutral transit fleet before 2028.

Furthermore, Utrecht is offering subsidies to city residents who want to replace their own worn-out rooftops with sedum roofing or solar panels.

“A green roof is good for a healthy and livable city … that can therefore better cope with climate problems. It helps to prevent flooding and ensures that we suffer less from heat,” reads the city website.

“A good time to install a green roof is when your old roof covering is worn out or if you still have to replace a roof with asbestos,” it continues. “To be eligible for a subsidy, your roof must be larger than 20 square meters – or you can also apply for a subsidy together with your neighbors to get to the 20 square meter mark.”

(WATCH the video of the bus stops in action below)

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