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Climate Change Blamed as Chennai Runs Dry

The monsoon’s failure and government mismanagement in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are being blamed as Chennai runs dry.

In 2015 Chennai had too much rain: Now there’s not enough. (Image Credit: Indian Navy, via Wikimedia Commons) Click to Enlarge.

Some of the poorest people of India’s sixth largest city are having to spend half their weekly income on water as Chennai runs dry:  its four reservoirs lie empty and the government’s relief tankers cannot keep up with demand from citizens.

Despite government claims that there is no water crisis, the taps are empty and many of Chennai’s nine million people are queuing from early morning, awaiting what water the tankers can deliver.

Monsoon rains have failed for the last two years, leaving the city enduring a heat wave with no water.  The government is delivering 10 million liters daily by train from 200 kilometers away in a bid to provide enough water for the poor to survive.  In the richer areas private water tankers are maintaining supplies, charging double the normal rate to fill a roof tank.

Businesses, particularly restaurants, have been forced to close, and children are not attending school because they are spending all day queuing for water for their families.

Although it is clear that climate change is affecting the monsoon’s pattern and it may be October before Chennai gets enough water to restore supplies to normal, government mismanagement is also being blamed.

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