Arrive is a nifty camping gear rental service

Why spend a fortune buying it when you don’t use it that often?

If you’ve ever wanted to go camping, but didn’t have the money to spend on gear (or the space to store it), here’s an interesting solution. Arrive is a Los Angeles-based company that will rent you high-end camping gear – everything you could possibly need, from sleeping bags to tent to headlamps – and deliver it right to your front door.

The selection of items is impressive, with over 100 products from 40+ brands that are suitable for both car camping and backcountry camping. Arrive has partnered with top-notch manufacturers and retailers, such as MSR, Marmot, Thermarest, and Deuter, to offer a wide range of products, and it takes care of all cleaning and maintenance once the items are returned.

There are several benefits to this. First is the savings, which Arrive claims averages $1,032 when compared to buying the same gear outright. Of course, if you’re a regular camper, this doesn’t make sense, but for those people who venture out only once or twice a year, it’s a good idea. It also means you’ll get good stuff that’s been well-maintained – no ratty, dated hand-me-downs from your parents.

Second, you don’t have to store all the stuff for 363 days a year. Camping gear takes up a fair bit of room, especially when you have a multi-person household, and for anyone living in a small space, it can be a real hassle to store. Being able to offload it after occasional use is appealing – and fits in well with the whole minimalist mentality of renting rather than buying.

Third, Arrive offers personalized support to newbie campers. This may include recommendations for what gear to choose and how to prepare meals, among other things, and can be a useful support to people who are new to the wilderness.

Arrive recommends placing an order one week in advance. The shipment will be delivered to your home, hotel, or FedEx location near your camping destination (anywhere in the continental US), no later than 8 pm the night before your first rental day. If you live in Los Angeles, you can get same-day delivery. You can rent for a period of up to 21 days. Once finished, the return process is easy, with everything going back in the box and shipped using a free return label via FedEx.

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